Meet Matt

Being a scientist who became an effective leader, I formed Transition States Coaching and Training to support you.

Individualized Coaching

Coaching technical people who wish to excel as leaders.

Team And Group Coaching

Coaching teams and groups to more effectively achieve their goals.

Certified Coach Training

Training accomplished professionals to use coaching skills or become certified coaches.


Highly interactive workshops about developing and sustaining innovating cultures and how strategic approaches to sustainable careers.

How Matt Helps You And Your Team

Gain Clarity, Focus, Awareness and Take Action

As an ICF Credentialed coach I follow a business oriented process that will enable you and your teams to achieve key goals.

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Become a Certified Coach

Join accomplished professionals and become a certified coach with the only coaching program in North Carolina affiliated with a university.

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Crate Innovative Cultures And Sustainable Careers

Learn how you can keep your organizational heart beating.

Develop strategic approaches to sustainable careers. 

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More About Matt

Matt successfully transitioned from a bench scientist to leading cross-functional, global product development teams during his 28+ year career in the pharmaceutical industry. He often observed that technical professionals required leadership coaching and training to excel as leaders in their organizations and to address the “soft” issues that derailed product development objectives.

Matt formed Transition States Coaching and Training to address these business needs. He employs a unique combination of leadership skills, practical corporate experience and coaching expertise to effectively develop leaders to better meet their business needs and strategic goals.

Matt is a co-facilitator of the NC State University Business Coaching certificate program. He is credentialed through the International Coach Federation and has coached technical leaders as an internal coach in the U.S., UK, China, and Latin America. He is a certified Team Coach from the Pyramid Resource Group and Certified Group Coach.

Matt received his B.A. in Chemistry from The College of the Holy
Cross and his Ph.D. in Chemistry from Duke University.


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