The NCSU Business Coaching Certificate program kicked off our 2016-17 Coaching Cohort on November 9 and we it was a great start. We have a strong group of accomplished professionals representing entrepreneurs, corporate and military professionals. Each weekend of our 10 month program we have a visiting faculty member who joins the group to offer insights into how to start a business, discover your niche, market or sell a coaching practice. This weekend #Sackeena Gordon Jones, focused on coaching within organizations.


Developing an Internal Coaching Practice is the secret success strategy of many of the world’s most admired companies. Those who are inside the organization are poised the help their colleagues live and work to the best of their potential. It’s the “we” versus the ‘us’ and ‘them’ philosophy that leads to sustainable success.

Harnessing the power of coaching inside the organization creates a powerful shift in the culture that is experienced by leaders and the teams that they lead. There are 4 distinct principles that mark a thriving and sustainable internal coaching practice. The first is ‘strategic alignment’. Coaching will not make a sizable impact if its a stand-alone or ad-hoc project. Coaching is an investment that results in bottom- line and top-line profitability; but only if it’s aligned strategically.

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