@Sackeena Gordon Jones and I are excited to welcome the next North Carolina State University Business Coaching Certificate Cohort on Thursday November 10, 2016.  We begin our first weekend session focusing on establishing a strong foundation for coaching.

A Strong Foundation for Coaching is essential to the practice of coaching and for coaching sessions to be successful. Clients need to know what to expect and it’s important for coaches to convey that in a comprehensive way. This brings clarity and demystifies any confusion around other helping professions, such as counseling, consulting, mentoring and therapy.

Here is what we cover in the first month to establish a strong foundation:

  •  Definition of coaching and how it differs from the other helping professions;
  • Introduction to the coaching model used throughout the program;
  • Deep dive into the coaching ethics and professional standards;
  • Overview of the 11 @ICF core coaching competencies; and
  • Insight into the relationship between the coach, client and in some cases the sponsor.

By deepening their awareness and understanding of these foundational pillars a coach increases their confidence allowing them to co-create powerful relationships with their clients. We find that our coaches are able to build traction and connect more deeply with their clients leading to effective coaching engagements.

Participants put this into practice through peer coaching experiences over the course of the weekend.

This is the first of 10 posts that will be shared over the next 10 months as we follow the 2016-17 NCSU Business Coaching Certificate program which was developed by @Lou Raye Nichol and Brian Nichol and is based on their book “The Essentials of Business Coaching.”

This program has been training accomplished professionals to become certified coaches for over 10 years. It carries the designation of ICF approved coach specific training hours (ACSTH). It provides the Theory, Practice, Personal Development and Mentor Coaching needed to become a credible and confident certified coach. We have a staff of experienced professional coaches who are experts in their niche and bring leading edge knowledge to the program each session.

Comment on how setting a foundation has affected your coaching practice or your coaching approach with your team(s)?

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